Electric Two Wheeler company in India

Time is ticking, what’s the time on your clock?


The end game has begun, clock’s ticking

7 years 103 days 15 hours 40 mins 07 secs left until the adversity of climate change becomes irreversible.

Yes, you heard that right! A New York time clock that told time now tells you the ‘Time remaining’ until we won’t be able to stop the worst from happening. Metronome, which includes this electronic clock in Manhattan,US also has a message ‘The earth has a deadline’ along with it. Believe it or not but  climate change is real. The evidence to prove that the change is becoming rapid is so compelling that the world, that includes the governments, companies, activists and people all around are worried and have started adopting several measures to mitigate the environmental hazards in every way possible.

The global challenges we are facing are so urgent and tricky that we need a solution to match their scale and complexity. That’s how sustainable technology is playing a major role in improving our social and environmental footprint. It is enabling us to improve our ways and enhance our Earth’s life support system. When we talk about sustainable technology, it’s hard to ignore Electric Vehicles technology that is such an important sustainable development meeting the global goals in climate change.

The replacement of convenient vehicles fueled off gasoline by EV’s has been an inevitable trend around the world. The introduction of EV is a  better and efficient alternative to the petrol-diesel driven vehicles. According to the Global EV Outlook, the adoption of EV’s is rapid. Globally, the annual sales surpassed 2 million in 2019, registering a 40% year-on-year increase.

Why is the world hell bent on adopting EVs?

  • They can be charged with electricity from low or non-CO2 emitting sources, which helps so much in reducing carbon emissions on a large scale globally.
  • Electric engines are vastly more efficient than other proposed and ongoing technologies. A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year and just like this, millions of the vehicles deteriorate our environment at such a faster rate.

There is no doubt that CVs will be replaced by EV’s in the long run because fossil energy is non-renewable. It will become necessary for cities, regions and countries to implement a dedicated EV policy framework. But we can’t wait for another 10 years to observe it happen. We need to be an effective part of this change so that it is not just slow and gradual, instead, it needs to be tangentially rapid.
Unless we understand the bigger picture, we won’t be able to mitigate the problems with proactive solutions.

EeVe India is actively involved in playing a crucial and significant role in making India adopt EVs rapidly. Electric vehicles in India grew by 20 percent in India in the year 2019-20.

Meanwhile, EeVe India has become Indian’s fastest growing electric two-wheeler company having expanded into 50+ cities in less than a year. We make you want to adopt an electric vehicle for an affordable, efficient and eco friendly experience. One of the main reasons apart from being environmentally friendly, why EVs are a better alternative is for its commute cost, pocket friendly and will also help maintain the new social distancing norm.

Having 2000+ happy EeVe owners as of today, more than 8 lakh liters of petrol is saved every year and zero emissions added to the environment. Also, our customers save over INR 25,000 each year because of zero petrol costs and low maintenance costs.

Make a proactive choice, be a part of the world’s drive to adopting environment friendly measures, that benefits you as well. Because, if we look at it from a broader spectrum, as the New York clock makes it loud enough that the time is ‘ticking’. Because if there’s no Earth, there’s no us.

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