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How are EeVe electric scooters cost-efficient?


Annual running cost of an electric scooter is negligible as compared to a petrol vehicle.

Fuel prices are off the charts most of the time, spiking to INR 83 to INR 91 per litre sometimes. That way, EeVe owners save more than INR 25,000 per year when compared to the usual IC engines.

Let us show you how you save such a significant amount every year and recover the amount of your electric vehicle within just 3 years :

  • Average distance of commute in an Indian city ranges between 34KM-42KM per day. Considering commute of a person at 40KM per day, say for 6 days a week; annual usage stands at 12,500KM per year. (40KM X 6 days X 52 weeks)Average petrol vehicle has a mileage of 40KM/Litre. This means a petrol vehicle consumes 312 litres of petrol annually. The annual fuel cost of a petrol vehicle is more than INR 21,000.

We have not even calculated and compared the service & maintenance costs yet. We are already at a saving of INR 21000+. Maintenance & Service of electric scooters is a no brainer.

Economics of our Electric Vehicles are explained below :

  • For an Eeve vehicle, the mileage offered is 60-70KM on full charge.
  • full charge costs INR 10 for electricity units consumed.
    This brings electric units cost under INR 2,000 for the same 12,500KM that you ride in a year.

Most EV manufacturers in India offer a 2-years warranty or lesser on the batteries. EeVe offers a 3-years upfront warranty on the battery, meaning there’s no additional battery purchase cost even in the third year of use in case of any problem.In fact, for Lithium ION batteries specifically, battery life is much higher (close to 4-5 years).

That practically means, you save about INR 25,000 per year and that you make your EeVe free of cost just by the end of the third year. The biggest addition that EeVe owners receive is a whopping 5-years warranty on the vehicle, leading to negligible maintenance costs as well. Whereas for petrol vehicles, with a high number of mechanical components in them, service costs just keep going higher each year.

Apart from all of this, the finance ministry of India has also reduced the goods and services tax (GST) on electric vehicles and chargers to 5% from a previous 12% and 18% respectively.

So while you’re not just saving big with an EeVe, you’re also ensuring to do your bit for the environment with eco-friendly mobility.
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