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How Is Bosch motor the best in class for electric scooters in India ?


The future of electric mobility is fast approaching. And what better time to turn our heads toward a much cleaner, greener solution for our everyday mobility then right now. Its time people talk about sustainability and energy efficiency in the automobile industry especially in case of electric mobility. And we know this discussion will be incomplete if we don’t talk about Bosch motors. This powerful and dynamic Bosch motor is known to be a beast. But let’s look at what makes the Bosch motor the best in class for electric scooters in India.

1. Light-weight:

With our busy streets and quick needs, we Indians know we need a reliable partner to pace our way through. Bosch motors in our EeVe electric scooters deliver up to those expectations. EeVe electric scooters carry a 250-Watt Bosch motor designed to deliver high performance while still being compact and quiet. EeVe Xeniaa and EeVe Atreo sport a Lithium-ion battery and Bosch motor, a powerful combination to make your ride both effortless and featherlight.

2. Price to performance ratio:

The excellent power to weight ratio of Bosch electric motors is well-known and with the best of Bosch’s technical features built-in, it stands on top in the market. But Bosch’s latest efforts in increasing the energy density of their motors has only made it better. Now the new and improved Bosch all-electric solution is turning heads with its high performance while still being able to deliver its products at competitive pricing. EeVe electric scooters are powered with this powerful motor, and alongwith the all-electric solution it is in the top of the market.

3. Energy Efficient:

Energy-efficient electric motors use less energy to deliver the utmost performance. Does that sound a bit bland? Let’s see what makes it interesting though. This low energy consumption implies that the electric battery lasts much longer than usual. Add to this, 10,000 sensor readings per second to ensure maximum power output. Bosch motors deliver exactly this, which is why EeVe electric scooters are among the best in delivering long-range, top-level riding dynamics.

4. Quality:

One aspect every single one of us looks for in every product we decide to buy in our life is “Quality”. Here at EeVe, we share the same principle and that is why we chose Bosch motors.

This is one of those aspects that makes Bosch motor different from every other electric scooter motor in the market. Due to the global outreach of Bosch, every Bosch product has to match up the stringent international quality guidelines. Every product undergoes tough endurance tests and only the ones with superior quality are delivered to the customers.

5. Design:

Bosch motors sport compact design in terms of both installation space and weight, which surely makes them a game-changer. Bosch’s innovative, high-precision three sensor design ensures top performance. In complement to this, their robust aluminium casing, reliable quality, and low noise volume make them a perfect addition to the EeVe electric scooters, working towards providing greener solutions to the future that will aid to further the cause of electric mobility.

6. Protecting the environment:

Electric mobility is undoubtedly one of the best representations of the changing perspective of humans towards preserving nature. It is an undeniable proof that we as humans are looking for greener solutions to move into a green future. It is in times like these EeVe understand that there is a beauty in working towards what we believe in , and our range of EeVe electric scooters are a true representation of them.

Caring for the environment has always been one of the most important focuses of Bosch. While it is much easy to preach about protecting the environment, it is much harder to work for it. Bosch and EeVe with their environmentally-friendly innovations are paving the path for the same.

All in all, it is essentially a no brainer that Bosch motors are best in class for Electric scooters. With their optimum energy efficiency, compact lightweight design and price to performance ratio that actually matches up, it’s hard to find a better deal in the market. And it is this Bosch motor the assistants EeVe electric scooters to be one of the best choice for electric scooters in India in 2020.

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