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Key differences between Lithium-vehicle and Lead-acid vehicle!


In the world of Electrical technology, each innovation introduced in the electric scooters has it’s own advantages and Electric Two Wheeler dealership. Hence, it’s not about Lithium-Ion Versus Lead Acid Battery but about which one is ideal for you as well as your usage. With the future looking greener for the electric vehicles, now is the time to decide which one suits your purpose the best.

The utility of electric vehicles has an intimate relation with battery performance. Hence our EeVe electric scooters are made with two most powerful and pre-eminent electric batteries that are currently running the market ,which are Lithium-ion and Lead-acid battery. Here are a few things to consider about each of these batteries before you decide to go electric.

Battery Life

In comparison between Lead-acid and Lithium-ion batteries, lead-acid batteries are known to have a moderate battery life but they exhibit exceptional charge retention capability, possibly the best among the rechargeable batteries available in the market. And hence when used with  care, they could last as long as 3 years.

Lithium-ion battery, on the other hand, is an unquestionably fast-growing battery system and hence this premium electrical technology lasts longer than the lead-acid variant even for higher payloads owing to its lightweight characteristic.


EeVe Ahava and EeVe Your, sport lead-acid battery of 60V, 27AH which draws a range of 50KM to 60KM on a single full charge, perfect for the daily commuters.

Nevertheless, EeVe Xeniaa and EeVe 4U work on 60V,20AH lithium-ion battery, they push up to a range of 70KM to 80KM on a full charge with ease. It’s worth noting here that lithium-ion battery is on the lighter side, up to 10 times lighter than some battery variants to deliver the same amount of energy. So, there is no need to panic when you find our electric scooters EeVe Xeniaa and EeVe 4U being featherlight.


Electric scooter price is perhaps the most important factor of all and is a key driver for deciding over the right EV for you. The answer extensively depends on your needs. Although it is already established that EeVe electric scooters are cost-efficient far more than IC engines, it’s worth mentioning that the maintenance cost for electric scooters is also quite minimal.

Instead, when we talk about Lead-acid battery versus Lithium-ion, it is deserving to quote that Lead-acid batteries have always been the most economical elecrical battery source in the market, with ample battery life. On the contrary Lithium-ion batteries with their lightweight, ability to pull off a higher payload as well as long-range is a worthy investment if that’s precisely what you are looking for.

To sum it all, Electrical batteries are undoubtedly the most vital components of your vehicle, but choosing the right one doesn’t have to be complicated. Lithium-ion EeVe Xeniaa and EeVe 4U are a great pick for anyone looking for high performance, low maintenance, lightweight companion for their everyday ride.

Lead-acid vehicles EeVe Wind and EeVe Your are a great option for daily office commute and students looking for a budget-friendly, reliable and stylish scooty to enjoy the drive. Pick the EeVe electric scooter that suits your needs and enjoy the ride into your future!

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