Electric Two Wheeler company in India

Features that make EeVe electric scooters a value for money.


EeVe India a Electric Two Wheeler company presents to you a wide fleet of electric scooters that are an alternate to petrol vehicles and are cost-efficient in multiple ways. Why is an electric alternate vital in recent times? How is our product a true value for money?  

Global warming and climate change is a real threat to human life, and we as humans need to minimize our carbon footprint. Electric Vehicles are becoming common on Indian Roads, and there are few specific reasons for this.

Electric vehicles are claimed to be more cost-effective than their petrol-based counterparts. Their cost-effectiveness is measured using different factors, and we will have a look at them.

No more Petrol

Electric Vehicles are charged by plug-in points at various locations. You can plug-in your EV when you get back home and be ready to take it out tomorrow. Electricity is much cheaper than fuel and is much more stable in their charge.

Fuel is prone to spike and supply demands, as it is mostly imported from other regions. Electricity charges hardly spike, and even if they do, it will be a small increase.

By reducing the use of petrol, global warming will also come under control, and we will be able to experience a safe and long life. It also ensures that the non-renewable resources(oil-based products) do not deplete.

Our EVs use Lithium-ion or Lead-Acid batteries and provide the required performance.


The mileage equivalent of EV’s is range. The range is the total distance traveled by an EV in one full charge. This is like the mileage that says how much the vehicle will travel per litre of fuel. Here we consider per charge.

The Lithium-ion batteries present in our EVs ensure that they provide a range of 60 to 70kms for a full charge. With swappable batteries, this range can be doubled as well.

High performance

Our EVs provide more performance than petrol-based vehicles due to the high torque electric motors. So instead of a normal two-wheeler, you can opt for any one of our EV and experience a change in the performance.

Battery Regeneration

This is a new technology introduced to EVs to ensure that your battery regenerates whenever you brake or coast the vehicle. This is really helpful because you can go further than the claimed range, and your battery will take a longer time to run out of charge.


Any vehicle requires maintenance and our EVs require very little maintenance due to the lack of moving parts. You might only have to check the electric circuitry and fix any issues if found so.


Our EVs is a Electric Two Wheeler company cost almost the same as normal two-wheelers but are more cost-effective. The minimal maintenance costs, better range and being environmentally friendly are some plus points of our products.

Our products also are of high-quality and provide the perfect performance expected from any electric two-wheeler.

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