Electric Two Wheeler company

EeVe India: Best choice for Electric Scooter in India.


EeVe India is an Electric Two Wheeler company manufacturing company from Eastern India. EeVe India was founded in 2018 and the brand has come a long way ever since. We increased our presence into 50+ cities covering 14 states of India just under 90 days. We’re receiving thousands of dealership applications each month and close to a million people talking about us on the internet.

Electric Two Wheeler company

Some key metrics you should consider before making an electric scooter purchase are:

1. Warranty

2. Service

3. Range & Performance

4. Running cost

5. Purpose


The biggest addition that EeVe owners receive is a whopping 5-years warranty on the vehicle meaning negligible maintenance costs as well. Apart from the 5-year warranty on the vehicle, they’re covered with a 3-year upfront warranty on batteries.

Electric Two Wheeler company


We commit to being customer-first ever since the beginning, from the design and build of the products to the relationship we share with EeVe owners after they purchase. Our appointed dealers have a servicing facility for any assistance, also, your nearest dealer will keep a timely check on your vehicle’s health!

Electric Two Wheeler company

Range & Performance

Our products are equipped with a wide range of features to make your everyday commute easier. Xeniaa & 4U are equipped with a 250 Watt Bosch motor, and 60V-20AH Lithium ION Batteries. They have an in-built swappable battery feature that also enables you to carry your battery with you and charge it anywhere you want plus if you operate on two batteries you double your range. All of our products come equipped with features like Keyless entry, anti-theft lock & geotagging (GPS) via mobile app. The line-up of models currently offers a 60-70KM range on a single full charge. Other than in-built functionalities that come with your EeVe, the add-ons as accessories for utilities like extra storage space, etc. are also few things that we offer Electric Two Wheeler company

Electric Two Wheeler company

Running cost

EeVe owners save more than INR 25,000 per year when compared to the usual IC engines. For an EeVe, the range offered is 60-70KM on a single full charge. A single full charge costs around INR 10 for units consumed in units households. This amounts to an annual running cost being INR 1,800 to INR 2000 for the same 12,500KM per year which otherwise costs more than INR 25,000 in case of a usual petrol vehicle. EeVe is definitely the better alternative when it comes to the burden on wallets.

Electric Two Wheeler company


We understand that each of us purchases a two-wheeler keeping in mind a specific purpose from your daily routines. We’re more than happy to assist you with which of our vehicles will just fit right for your purpose. Hop on to your nearest experience centre and we promise to keep you interested.

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