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TOI Auto Green Talk: What young EV makers want


Coverage in – The Times of India

The automobile industry is going through a transformation and electrification is the future, according to young entrants of the flourishing electric vehicle industry. Today, switching to electric vehicles is the most promising solution to protect the environment and climate change, says

Yatin Gupte, Chairman and Managing Director, Wardwizard Innovations and Mobility Ltd. Wardwizard, which is the maker of Joy e-bikes, intends to expand sales to 40,000-50,000 units annually by the end of this financial year.

Gupte adds,“If our government wants to reduce the dependency on fossil-fuel-run vehicles, make mobility cheaper for the common man. Moreover, if it wants to ensure a greener and cleaner ecology, then EV vehicles should be promoted on the large scale.”

There are evident and multidimensional gains of switching to EVs. These include the ultra-low-cost of operation, zero emissions, low maintenance, sustainable ride and, most importantly, cost-effective personal mobility, explains Rahul Shonak, Chief Operating Officer – Nexzu Mobility.

The Maharashtra-based EV OEM started its journey in 2015. Previously known as Avan Motors, Nexzu retails a range of electric cycles and scooters. The forthcoming plan is to introduce step-through cycles, cargo version cycles and long-range swappable battery cycles.

Similarly, another electric manufacturer Etrio and has tied up with Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket, and other leading e-commerce and logistics players.

Deepak MV, co-founder and CEO, Etrio, thinks the EV industry in India is majorly hindered by the technological constraints on the supply side along with the affordability and functionality of the available products. Deepak MV adds, “Lack of financial infrastructure to support retail customers as well as manufacturers is also an important inhibitor. EV adoption needs innovation not just on the technological front but also on the policy front.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Harshvardhan Didwania, co-founder and director EeVe India, said, “The biggest challenge that we are facing is with the mindset of the people towards the concept of electric vehicles. Creating awareness among the general public towards a motor system, battery options and build quality has been the key areas to work on.”

Komaki Electric Vehicle has recently opened an online booking platform. The company aims to launch new models with better performance features and longer battery life that would offer a longer range.

Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division, says EVs are the future and the sooner we switch to them, the more we’ll be able to preserve our precious environment.

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