More often than not, we turn to science when we want to tackle complex challenges for humanity such as climate change, pollution, poverty - the list is endless. Hence every year on November 10, the world celebrates science in all the ways it has helped bring peace and development.

Science provides effective solutions to the enormous global challenges we face as a society. It is leading the way towards a much more sustainable and environment-friendly future. For most of it, it has paved the way ahead with progressive techniques for pollution prevention and reducing our carbon footprint.

Among such technologies, electric vehicles play a special role. The EV industry has been rapidly expanding since 2008. Moving towards the adoption of EVs is essential for us to even have a future. A world that has reduced carbon emissions and has better air quality is what we are aiming for. And EVs are a perfect amalgamation of how science has been successful in reducing air and sound pollution as the adoption of EVs all over the world is increasing. Over a year, just one electric vehicle can save an average of 1.5 million grams of CO2. About 60 percent of carbon pollution from the transportation sector comes from passenger vehicles. If we electrify as many vehicles as possible, we will address a huge part of the climate crisis we're facing.

Scientific research is critical to saving the environment - reducing the impact of global warming, providing measures to adapt to climate change and techniques for reducing waste. Science is prepared for the challenges of the future, it wants you to rethink your choices, take initiatives and act as a helping hand in saving the environment.

Meanwhile, we at EeVe understand how deeply concerning it is. We are playing our parts into building a sustainable future by providing India with a better, convenient and affordable option to travel on wheels. Are you with us?