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EVolution: Faster EV adoption in INDIA in 2020


Since the pandemic hit us and social distancing has become the new normal for all of us now, it’s forcing us to re-imagine our ways how we travel. And believe it or not, 2 wheelers are gaining popularity as an affordable, comfortable, convenient and safe mode of mobility and local travel. That’s how we gradually see a lot more people moving towards EVs. And two wheeler EVs play such a crucial role in our everyday lives for they bring an affordable and economical approach hand in hand at its best.

While the automobile industry saw a downfall in the past few quarters, EV sales jumped 20% in 2019-2020. Out of the 1.56 lakh units sold, 1.52 lakh were 2 wheelers, mostly electric scooters. According to SMEV, the year 2020-21 could be momentous for e-mobility in India regardless of the pandemic. Despite the COVID-induced blockages, the EV industry can spring faster than other vehicles. That’s because countries are keeping the environment in check while people are looking for easier and pocket friendly ways of personal travel.

Slowly, as one can see the stigma around owning EVs is reducing so gradually. With people starting to realise how EVs are a much better option for commuting, the sales for EVs is rising. People are finding it easier to switching to EVs for their day to day routine.

EVs and particularly, electric scooters are resilient. They are as pocket friendly as your public transport, which is why people are wanting to buy an electric scooter rather than travel by a local public transport because of the social distancing norm. Not only that, they are light, easy to carry and eco friendly. And then, one doesn’t need to go to a petrol pump, it is that easier. In fact, EVs require far less maintenance than regular bikes and scooters. This is because of the sheer lower number of moving parts.

With all the advantages that EVs elaborates, Governments all over the world are also regulating policies to adopt more EVs. Like government of India has shown clear indications that it is keen to Accelerate Indian’s transition to EVs.

In a new study released by Castrol, they’ve revealed that on an average for consumers in India, price point and charging is what matters to achieve mainstream EV by majority. It was also estimated that as for the Indian market, more and more consumers are ready to purchase an electric vehicle as early as 2022. They’ve estimated that the annual EV market in India could be worth $2 billion by 2025.

It is quite clear how Indian buyers are keen towards switching to electric for the many advantages one can draw. Accelerating the EVolution provides a clear roadmap that mainstream adoption of EVs in India is on the go and running.

We at EeVe are committed to offering the best of EV experiences to our customers across India, having presence in over 50+ locations and growing! We also boast being one of India’s fastest growing electric two-wheeler companies, there’s a lot of us that’s yet to come to the Indian roads. Stay tuned to our social handles and we’ll keep you posted.

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