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Electric Vehicles market to grow massively post Covid-19 in India. Know how!


The future is the EV industry. What better than opting for an EV dealership? Here are some highlighting factors that lead to it.

– The rising tide of Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles or EV sales have shown significant growth over the last few years. Electric vehicles sales, excluding e-rickshaws, grew by 20 percent in India in the year 2019-20, as stated by industry body Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles. Further SMEV added that as many as 1.56 lakh EVs were sold in the country last year against 1.3 lakh units in the previous fiscal year. This includes two-wheelers, cars, and buses. Apart from that, low-speed scooters constituted a whopping 9 percent of all the EVs sold.

– Technology advancements are in favor

The EV industry is showing rapid evolution with ongoing developments in the EV market. Technological progress is in favor of electric vehicles. The key advancements are battery chemistry, expansion of production capacity, simpler and innovative design of vehicles.

Government policies and their role

Systems play a critical role. The Government of India’s proactive participation is a manifestation of the days when we will see a significant number of electric vehicles on the road. Favorable government policies and support in terms of subsidies and grants, tax rebates, and other benefits are key factors promoting the use of EVs. The new schemes are bridging the cost gap and initiating faster adoption of EVs, be it the FAME scheme, the ‘smart cities mission’ to upgrade infrastructure and other incentives if one owns an electric vehicle. The government of India is trying its best for the consumers to own an electric car.

 Change in dynamics and developments due to this new normal.

We are adapting our lives in an ongoing pandemic world, and since the new normal wave has hit us, the changes are inevitable. Recently, SMEV Director General Sohinder Gill said that the EV industry is taking shape, and COVID-19 has a role to play. According to him, the coming year will be a defining year for the EV industry. People are more likely to switch over to electric two-wheelers than travel by public transport. One of the main reasons is that the commute cost of an EV is more affordable than public transport, EVs are pocket friendly and will also help maintain the new social distancing norm. Also, E-commerce firms are even realizing the economic benefits of EVs and working accordingly.

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