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Auto-dealership of the future is right here. We’re onboarding channel partners who are eagerly looking to grow with us. EeVe India is a one of it’s kind Electric scooter company that is changing the way electric mobility happens in India. We’re a pioneer automobile company based out of Eastern India, headquartered in Bhubaneswar.

Eeve India electric scooters are the future of commute, and eventually, more and more consumers will opt for electric not just as an alternative to petrol scooter but in fact, as a much better alternative to them. Let me tell you how EeVe India is the future of opportunity:

Savings with EeVe

The economics of use for an EeVe owner is that he/she saves more than INR 25,000/year when compared to any other petrol scooter. That means, the vehicle practically becomes free of cost in just 2-3 years of use. The running costs are as low as INR 18 Paise/km as compared to petrol scooters whose running cost is over INR 2/km. Also, with the government’s policies like tax exemption on the purchase of EVs, the adoption has become all the more faster. Found this interesting?!.Read more about the cost effectiveness of EeVe Electric scooters.

Trust in EeVe

Eeve India electric scooter come with a whopping 5 Year warranty covered for you, that means EeVe owners don’t have to worry a bit about their product. We got it all, secured. Dealerships run on Sales, Service & Spares (S-S-S) Model under a single roof because we’re a 100% customer-first company.

The Products

The first line of our products are EeVe Xeniaa, EeVe 4U, EeVe Wind and EeVe Your. Our vehicles have received immense love from people already and we’re committed to deliver promising electric scooters ever since inception, we always will be so. Our vehicles have spectacular features like keyless entry, anti-theft lock, GPS tracking, swappable batteries, geofencing and much more. One just can’t keep his/her eyes off an EeVe vehicle.


EeVe India comes with a strong vision of bringing high-end technology and ecological health of the world to one platform. Our leadership team hails with decades of experience in the automobile industry, who are now collectively working on the vision and mission of our Founder Harsh Vardhan Didwania. To know more about our team and EeVe’s journey, you might wanna visit here.

Dealership applications for EeVe India open on starting from today! Follow us to stay updated.

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