It has been over a month for us following COVID-19 precautionary measures and we have been living in fright in lockdown, at our home wondering when life is going to be like those good old times. Times are tough but we at EeVe stand with you through thick and thin. While news is flooded with saddening information from around the world, we want to show a tiny detail that not many are talking about - " The nature is finally healing". Here's some good news for us to believe there's hope.

We as Automobile Enthusiasts and responsible citizens too need to look at a way to save our world from these tough times. Each of the electrical technology is digitized so as to ensure more security and portability. EV’s or Electric vehicles have also caught the buzz of discussion these days as a good alternative to petrol or diesel powered vehicles,as electric mobility is being seen as the future of smart commute. This is the time when we should know more about electric vehicles saviours. Let us take break, and pay some attention to the positives, the pandemic has given the world of electric mobility:

Let us look at it a step at a time:

  • The Coronavirus outbreak has made people over the globe to stay home in lockdown to prevent the spread. Also, businesses and services are restricted as mutually decided by countries associated with the UN.
  • In India, a practice of a strict lockdown and only permitted emergency services are allowed to be mobile.
  • Already, data shows that the main cities are recording much lower levels of harmful microscopic particulate matter known as PM 2.5, and of nitrogen dioxide, which is released by vehicles and power plants which are generally powered by fossil fuels .
  • The nationwide curfew in India on March 22 also resulted in the lowest one-day traffic pollution levels on record, analysis from CREA said. Other dangerous pollutants, PM2.5 and the larger PM10, which are less than 10 micrometers in diameter, also dropped steeply, the report added. Nitrogen dioxide went from 52 per cubic meter to 15 in the same period -- also a 71% fall. Mumbai, Chennai,Kolkata and Bangalore have also recorded a fall in these air pollutants.
Graph showing reducing pollution levels
  • Driving and aviation are key contributors to emissions from transport,contributing 72% and 11% of the transportsector’s greenhouse gas emissions respectively. These emmisions are controlled upto 80%.
  • Overall 2020 may still see a drop in global emissions of 0.3% – less pronounced than the crash of 2008-09

Although the clear skies show a good sign in the enviroment the automobile industry once back in function has all the power to pull it back to hazard. If we do not take scientific measures after the pandemic has left us, we will be back to the same state no sooner than a month as a research by national geographical department states.

Current and Future Impact of COVID-19 on Automotive Industry

Impact on automotive industry

Based on types of electric vehicles, the global electric vehicle industry is classified into battery electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, and hybrid electric vehicles. The production of battery electric vehicles is being significantly affected by COVID-19 epidemics due to disruption in the supply chain process. Indian Auto LPG Coalition, which has been highlighting the environmental benefits of transport fuel Auto LPG, stated that pushing the automobile sector singularly on shifting to the Electric Vehicle space particularly in the current situation will spell further doom for the sector.

Social Distancing will be recommeded or will be safer if followed for the entire year 2020 says the health experts. The automobile Industry is also witnessing some tough times and it is understood that would let maximum sales happen to stabilize their positions. Also, the exhaustable fuel prices will spike up as more than 40% of it is imported in India and global exchange will be restricted. In such circumstaces, owning an EV will be the beneficial in terms of social distancing, less polution,low prices, digital connectivity, efficiency and style.

So yes, at this point Electric vehicles are indeed the best choice to save mother earth from further damage for all good reasons.Nothing and no one can help us if we do not conciously make the choice to preserve the gift of nature. Let us be a part of the rEVolution to a smater and safer mobility and lifestyle.EeVe has come up with a special offer to make your favorite EeVe more accesible, do utilise the big savings on eeve electric scooters