Eeve Scooters are efficient Electric scooter comes with modern Features and Specifications.

Big savings on your EeVe: Get your electric scooter before the lockdown ends!


With social distancing becoming the new normal, the way we commute is looking for new solutions. As public transportation is becoming a risky option, owning a personal vehicle is now a necessity. But this necessity does not have to be expensive. EeVe electric scooter (Top ten Electric two Wheeler Company in India) owners save more than INR 25,000 per year when compared to the usual petrol scooters.

For an EeVe, the range offered is 60-70 KM on a single full charge. A single full charge costs around INR 10 for units consumed in unit households. This amounts to an annual running cost being INR 1,800 to INR 2000 for the same 12,500KM per year which otherwise costs more than INR 25,000 in case of a usual petrol scooter.

In INR 10 you can cover the distance to and from your office,which is half the cost you would pay, if you take any public transport!. EeVe is definitely the better alternative when it comes to the burden on wallets. The other reasons that make EeVe cost effective are discussed here.!

EeVe India is now making it easier for you to own an electric scooter for under 50,000 rupees and with the 5 year warranty EeVe gives on all of it’s electric scooters, this is an offer you just can’t miss. Book your EeVe scooter before 31st June to avail .

1. EeVe YOUR- Flat Rs 5000 off

The new EeVe YOUR is a millennial favorite.EeVe Your is all packed and powered with the latest technology. Highlights of EeVe your are:-

  • Sports a 250 Watt powerful bosch motor
  •  Advanced 60V Lead-acid battery
  • 60 – 70 KM on a single charge
  • Geo-tagging feature to help you track the location of your scooter on your mobile.
  • A USB port to charge your phone on the go

EeVe YOUR is one of the most affordable scooters in the market and a perfect companion for the younger generation of 18-30 years of age.

2. EeVe 4U- Flat Rs 3000 off

Lightweight, elegant, and reliable. The new EeVe 4U is specially designed for the women ready to ride into the future without stops. Some of the amazing features of EeVe 4U are:-

  • IoT sensors enabled features ,that give accurate real time data.
  • 60 V, 20 AH lithium-powered battery.
  • Exceptional charging time of  3 to 4 hours.
  • In-built swappable battery feature, to double your range if you are operating on two batteries

Powerful motor, and lightweight body is a powerful combination that makes EeVe 4U both effortless and featherlight. EeVe doubles up with minimal maintenance cost and elegant features and makes it is an extraordinary option for buyers who have higher utilization.

3. EeVe Wind- Flat 1000 off

A perfect partner for someone looking for affordable and reliable features in a vehicle. Installed with the best, EeVe Wind is made especially for the working class in between 30-60 years of age.

The new technology in EeVe Wind hosts :-

  • Battery regeneration feature which helps save battery consumption even if you brake or coast the vehicle.
  • Keyless entry , which allows you to activate your electric scooter with an remote.

GPS tracking, USB port, add up to the many more interesting features to make for a seamless riding experience.

While offering the latest technology and feature, EeVe is making an effort to deliver its products at competitive pricing.
With the world looking at sustainable solutions, there is no better time than now to go electric. Each EeVe is specially made to cater for the needs of people of all ages.

How do I book my EeVe electric scooter?

To book your EeVe electric scooter :-

  1. Visit the Book Now page.
  2. Have a look at the EeVe’s electric range of scooters in the brochure and choose your best fit!
  3. Select your State and City.
  4. Personal details must be filled out. Remember that the details filled here will be used for future contact.
  5. Select your EeVe electric scooter model and proceed to pay the amount to pre-book.
  6. The dealership nearest to you will contact you ASAP.

 Pick your favorite scooter before 31st June 2020 and avail this exciting offer..!